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====== Softwares dictdsfionnary ======edfsfds

Adobe Softwares

Matching TypeANDActifYes
CriteriasSoftwarebegin withAdobe

Name : Adobe Matching Type : AND Criterias :

  • Software begin with Adobe

Actions :

  • Manufacturer assign Adobe

Software Mozilla

NameMozillaDescriptionFusion des versions
Matching TypeANDActiveYes
Softwareregex matches /^Mozilla (Firefox|Thunderbird|Sunbird|seamonkey)/
ActionsSoftwareassign regex valueMozilla #0

Name : Mozilla Matching Type : AND Criterias :

  • Manufacturer IS Mozilla
  • Software regex checks /^Mozilla (Firefox|Thunderbird|Sunbird|seamonkey)/

Actions :

  • Software assign regex value Mozilla #0

Software The Perl Foundation

NameThe Perl FoundationDescriptionThe Perl Foundation
Matching TypeANDActifYes
CriteriasSoftwarebegin withp5-
ActionsManufacturerassignThe Perl Foundation

Software The PHP Group

NameThe PHP GroupDescriptionThe PHP Group
Matching TypeORActifYes
CriteriasSoftwarebegin withphp5-
ActionsManufacturerassignThe PHP Group

Mises à jour Windows XP

NameMise à jour Windows XPDescriptionFusion des KB Microsoft
Matching TypeORActifYes
CriteriasSoftwareregex matches /Correctif.*XP.*KB([0-9]*)/
Software regex matches /Mise.*XP.*KB([[0-9]*)/
Actions SoftwareassignMise à jour Windows XP
Versionassign regex value#0

Name : Mise à jour Windows XP Matching Type : OR Criterias :

  • Software regex matches /Correctif.*XP.*KB(![0-9]*)/
  • Software regex matches /Mise.*XP.*KB([[0-9]*)/

Actions :

  • Software assign Mise à jour Windows XP
  • Version Assigner regex value #0

Software X.Org Foundation

NameX.Org FoundationDescriptionX.Org Foundation
Matching TypeANDActifYes
CriteriasSoftwarebegin withxorg
ActionsManufacturerassignX.Org Foundation