Presentation of plugin utilitaires

This plugin is intended to users knowing the operation of GLPI well. Before any operation, it is highly advised to make a safeguard of the data base. The importation of the printers is experimental for the moment. The right of access is granted only to the members of the administrators group of GLPI.

This plugin includes utilities for the fast cleaning of the tables following imports of OCS Inventory with versions older than 0.68.


According to objects of the inventaire (they do not have all the options) you can:

  • Purge : to remove all the objects marked as removed of GLPI.
  • Remove the objects without links: erase all the objects which are not related to any other (printing related to any computer for example).
  • Remove all: remove all the objects of a category and all the links existing with others (even thing that remove + purge).
  • Reinitialize OCS importation : only for the computers: reinitialize the checksum, which makes it possible to make a new importation from OCS.
  • Create models : filling of dropdown.
  • Affect the models: assign the models of the dropdown to the objects of the inventory.
  • Import from OCS : another approach of the importation of the printers since OCS Inventory under Windows (to be tested under linux) : the names are the names of print queue, the models are the pilots. That makes it possible to recover about the physical printers and to establish the links on the computers as well as the links with the network for printers IP when their address appears in the port . To recover information correctly, to carry out afterwards operations in this order for the printers : erase all the printers, reinitialize OCS importation, make a new importation (linking), create the models, import the printers from OCS.

Warning : there is no possible update of the printers thereafter. It is preferable to desactivate the importation of the printers in the configuration of OCS.

A confirmation is required for each action: reflect well before confirming.