The Rack Plugin

Current features of the plugin:

The plugin sent by Philip manages the following data.

For each Bay:

  • Name of Bay
  • Size (# of units)
  • Weight of bay
  • Place and location of the bay in the room (dropdown hierarchical)
  • Manufacturer
  • Technical and group
  • Date of installation or activation of Financial Management

For Devices in a Bay:

  • Type
  • Model #
  • 2-way power (dropdown) for electricity consumption (VA)
  • Number of required cords and amperage
  • Current consumed / Total Current (amps)
  • Flow of fresh air / Flow Rate (m3 / h)
  • Heat dissipation (BTUs / hour)
  • Weight

The display of items in the bay is in the form of a table, by Units. A total is calculated for weight, consumption and dissipation.

On the model:

  • Selected models of computers, peripherals, network equipment can be included in a rack
  • Creation of features by model
  • Filter items to be added models allowed

Ability to define templates berries.

Basic features for the management of racks:

For a bay:

  • Placement: manage the front / middle / back of bay
  • Size: number of U
  • Depth (300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200)

Equipment within the bay

  • Name and link to equipment
  • Characteristics (weight, power consumption, etc.)
  • Power supply channels


  • Types of equipment to be placed in a bay (servers, switches, kvm, PDU, headband RJ45, optical drawer, shelf, etc.)

Placement of equipment:

  • In terms of positioning cf. racktables which provides a simple positioning (not even need to define the size of the elements is the occupation to be given in the bay to determine the dimensions of the element). The defined sizes can perhaps help facilitate the investment by not defining the basic spot (top left of the equipment for example)

Internationalization measures

  • Kg / lbs: kg = round (0.000001 * mg); lbs = round (mg * 0.000002204623);

24 kg gives 52.9 lbs → 24 * 1000000/453592.4

  • Btu / hr / watt

1 watt = 3.41214163 BTUs per hour

  • M3 / h / CFM

59m ³ / hr x 35.31 = 2083.29 CF / h

     2083.29 / 60 = 34.72 CFM

Optional Features

  1. For the addition of brass band catch
  2. Number of Outlets:
  3. Height: (in Units)
  4. position in the bay: No. of Units from the bottom
  5. Category answer / Wiring: Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6, FP mono, multi, 50 microns, 62.5μm

Connector Type: RJ45, SC, ST, SC …

Ability to associate the headings “taken” with the band

For the addition of optical drawer (perhaps with the aggregate type RJ45 copper strip) Number of pairs of fiber Height: U position in the bay: No. of U from the bottom Category answer / wiring: single 50 microns, 50 microns multi, mono 50 microns, multi62.5μm Connector Type: SC-PC, PC-ST, SC-PC, SC-APC, APC-ST, SC-APC …

Adding door banner patch cords Height position in the bay: No. of U from the bottom

Add to shelf Height position in the bay: No. of U from the bottom


  • System Heat / Power (btu / h) is the power required to cool the machine, it increases with system load (dissipation).
  • Flow Rate (CFM or cubic feet per minute): flow of fresh air to supply the machine, it is constant regardless of system load.
  • Total Weight (lbs): weight of the machine with the hardware options.
  • Total Current (amps): current consumption, it increases with system load.
  • Declared A-Weighted Sound Power Level (db): noise of the machine.
  • C13 Power Cord Quantity (cords): number of power cords, 2 redundant power supplies, 1 otherwise.
  • Air Temperature Rise (° C) rise in air temperature in the machine increases with system load.