The GenerateInventoryNumber plugin


The GenerateInventoryNumber plugin allows you to automatically manage the inventory numbers for all equipment in GLPI and supported by the core of the application, ie:

  • computer
  • screen
  • printer
  • device
  • network hardware

Overall functioning of the plugin

Once the models defined by object type, the plugin will automatically generate an inventory number for any object inserted in the database. This number can be composed of a prefix and a suffix. A unique number (whatever type) is inserted.

Users may not manually modify an inventory number for a type managed by the plugin. A message appears on the screen and said “you do not have the rights to change the inventory number.

It is possible to generate inventory numbers for a list of machines using the mass action “Generate an inventory number. The “regenerate an inventory number (overwrite)” is used to recreate a number overwriting the previous value.

The plugin configuration is done from the menu «System → Plugins ».

The fields available are:

  • Generation enabled (global): Allows you to enable or disable the global use of the plugin
  • Position of the overall index: Sets the next index number to be used to generate overall

Configuration type:

  • Model generation: indicates what model number inventory may be generated
  • Active: indicates whether generate the inventory number for this object type must be performed or not
  • Using global index: indicates if the index used for the generation that is global or specific for this type of object
  • Position of the index: indicates the next index used for this type of object

Generation models

Automatic generation is available for the following types of data:

  • computers
  • network hardware
  • phones
  • peripheral
  • Printers
  • Monitors

For each type, we associate a model that may be different. These are defined using the core functions of GLPI:

If the model field is empty, the plugin will not generate an inventory number.


Configuration rights for each profile are made directly from the Administration menu (Administration → Profiles).

The plugin has 2 duties:

  • Generate inventory numbers: Allows you to generate a profile of numbers of inventory items that have not
  • Regenerate an inventory number (overwrite): allows a profile to overwrite an inventory number to regeneration a new one.