The Checklist Plugin

This plugin provides for the creation of checklists, as well as maintenance procedures (periodic or not) to perform on your hardware.

You can also link documents and tickets.


After decompressing the archive into the plugin folder of GLPI GLPI log on as administrator:

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Checklists / Installation

This will create the tables used by the plugin.

Rights Management

Menu: Configuration / Plugins / Checklists / Management rights profile

This step allows you to define user profiles that can use the plugin.




Known Issues


  • When you click on a control in the page / glpi / plugins / checklist / front / plugin_checklist.form.php? ID = 2, we get an error plugin_checklist.viewChecklist.php not found.
  • Just replace the filename with plugin_checklist.viewchecklist.php in glpi / plugins / checklist / front