6 Plugins

GLPI supports a plugin architecture which allows the fucntionality to be expanded in several areas. It also allows the creation of plugins to suit individual requirements.

A detailed list of available plugins is avalible on the wiki pluginslist

Plugin Installation

Below are a quick set of instructions for installing them. Note, some plugins may require additional steps below, if in doubt, please check the wiki page for the plugin, or the supplied documentation.

Plugins are usually supplied as compressed .zip, or .tar.gz files. For most cases it is a simply a matter of extracting the compressed folder into the plugins directory under the GLPI installation root, for example /usr/share/www/glpi/plugins

Log out and log back in to GLPI, and it will display a new Setup menu item, “Plugins” which will list the various plugins you have added. From that menu, you can enable (install) and configure the plugins.

The plugins which are visible to each user depend on the profile of the logged on user.