4 - Management

a) Contacts

You can enter all your contacts in this section and sort your contacts according to their types (configurable in the Configuration heading). Thereafter you can associate contacts with companies.

You can export contact details to vCard format.

b) Companies

In this section you define the companies used in GLPI.

Contacts are associated with a company.

Companies are associated with contracts and they define the drop-down list of manufacturers.

To change the type of third parties in the drop-down list, go to the configuration section under the headings option.

A tab labeled “Material” allows you to view any type of equipment / components supplied or manufactured by the company.

If you set up a website for the company, do not forget the http:// at the beginning of the internet address.

c) Contracts

In this section you can create and manage all of the various kinds of contracts which are related to your hardware and software. The types of contracts are: loan, rental, leasing, insurance, maintenance hardware and software, service.

You can then link the contracts to inventory items from either the contract or the inventory page.

You can configure an email alert to be sent to inform a designated person when the contract is about to expire. This is configurable in the administration.

d) Documents

This section allows you to save electronic documents or links webs classifiable under various headings. A document is associable with any hardware or software inventory as well as issues of knowledge base.

To add or modify the list of topics, go to the Administration and Configuration option under the headings.

The types of documents allowed in GLPI (by extension) are defined in Admin / Configuration / Document Type.

The management display depends on the profile under which the user logs in. It may vary according to the profile.