1 - Home of the center console

General considerations

The home page consists of 4 distinct parts: The Menu, Personal View, Group View and the Global View.

  • The menu: This section allows you to access the various elements of GLPI and your preferences (This area allows you to change your password, set the default order used in the display of tickets, and define the language of the interface)
  • The Personal View (displayed by default) displays your current tickets, your tickets on hold, your planning, and a system of personal and public notes (described below).
  • The Group View displays any tickets in progress or pending for any groups that you may belong to.
  • The Global view shows the overall monitoring of all tickets, contract status, and a journal of the latest additions.

Command Center View

You can specify the number of events to be displayed in the log or choose to hide the log of the latest additions, specifying 0 in the Configuration Settings - General - System Display - Number

You can also see new, unallocated tickets. View the Configuration - General Configuration-Display - Show tickets to the new login

Personal and Public Notes

On the homepage you have access to a system of public and personal notes.

  • Personal Notes : Only visible to you. They are planned (appointments or other). Once planned, they switch in the table “Your planning.
  • Public Notes : Only users with the corresponding rights can create public notes and are visible to all users. This includes planning (meetings, interventions etc. ..).

<note> The display of the home console depends on the profile of the logged on user. It may vary according to the profile. </note>