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iReport is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use visual report builder/designer. With iReport you can create your own GLPI reports to supplement the inbuilt ones. This Wiki page offers some basic guidance on installing iReport, connecting to the GLPI MySQL database and generating some simple reports.

Installing iReport (Windows Installer)

iReport is an Open Source application available for download from here:


The Windows download is packaged with a simple installer - just run and follow the prompts.

Connecting to your GLPI Database

iReport needs to know the name and location of your GLPI database and also a username and password with access to the database tables. If you are not sure of these settings, view/edit the contents of the config_db.php file in the config folder of your GLPI installation.

If you wish to connect to your database from a remote site you will need to open port 3306 in your router/firewall. Having this port open to the outside world (ie: the Internet) raises security issues - not least you should ensure that all MySQL accounts have passwords, especially the root user. For a handy MySQL database/user administration tool, check out PHPMyAdmin:



* Checking/creating a MySQL user with access to the GLPI Tables *

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