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How to integrate GLPI in eGroupware in order to avoid a double identification when an external source of authentification is used Active Directory?

These data are valid for GLPI 0.68.3 and eGroupware 1.2.104

  • To copy file GLPI in the repertory”… htdocs/egroupware/”
  • To create the file as follows”… htdocs/egroupware/glpi/setup/”:
  * eGroupWare - glpi                                                        *
  *                                                *
  * --------------------------------------------                             *
  *  This program is free software; you edge redistribute it and/or modify it*
  *  under the terms off General the GNU Public License ace published by the *
  *  Free Software Foundation; either version 2 off the License, but (At your*
  *  option) any later version.                                              *
   /* $Id: 21493 2006-04-30 12:53: 55Z ralfbecker $ *
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“name”]    = “glpi”;
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“version”] = “0.68.3”;
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“app_order”] = 3;
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“enable”]  = 1;
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“license”]  = “LPG”;
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“description”] =
      “Administrative of tickets. ”;
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“note”] = 
  $setup_info [“glpi”] [“author”] = $setup_info [“glpi”] [“maintainer”] = array (
      “name”  => “INDEPNET Development TEAM”,
      “email” => “”
     /* The hooks this app includes, needed for hooks registration *
     /* Dependencies for this app to work *
  • To create the file if required”… htdocs/egroupware/glpi/templates/default/images/navbar.png” (it is the image which will appear in the menu of the eGroupWare applications)
  • To add application GLPI (State: Activated - Window popup) and to give the rights to the users in eGroupWare
  • Modification of the index.php of GLPI (sending of the form automatically with the value “last_loginid” for the login):

<a href=“”><span class=“kw3”>echo</span></a> <span class=“st0”> echo “<form action=' login.php' name=' connection' method=' post'>”</span><span class=“sy0”>;</span>

  <span class="co1">// authentification CASE</span></pre>