How to directly find a solution for your problem?

In top of your screen you have an icon FAQ (for Foire With the Questions). You then have access to the various questions and solutions put on line by your IT manager.

How to Report IT Problems?

Fill up the form you get when you login (also available when you click on “Helpdesk” in the top menu“

1) Select the emergency level of your problem (by default the selected priority is: “Medium”).

2) Choose if you want Follow-up notifications by email.

Thi is possible by filing up two fields in the form:

  • The field “Inform me about the actions(s) taken”: if you answer “yes” for this field, you will receive a notification by email to each time a technician adds a message of follow-up to your intervention.
  • The field “My E-Mail” which will enable you to specify an email address to receive these follow-ups.

3) Select the peripheral/software material/concerned with your request.

By default you can select only material assigned to you. However, if the administrator gave you the rights, you can make requests on material other than those being assigned to you.

4) Describe your problem

Fill up the “Title” with a short, meaningful subject for your message.

Enter the description. Be as precise as possible in your description. Indeed, the treatment will be only faster.

Once this form has been duly filled, click on “Submit Message”.

How to follow the tickets already sent?

It is also possible for you to follow on line the evolution of the tickets concerning you, which in progress or are finished. For that click on the icon “Tickets” in top on the right of your screen.

You should see a list of all your tickets in progress and finished. To obtain more information concerning each ticket, you can click on the title of the ticket.

You can sort the list of all your tickets according to their status.

This legend will help you better understand in the various status of tickets:

New ticket

Assigned ticket

Planned ticket

Ticket on standby

Unsolved closed ticket

Closed ticket

If your administrator you gave the right of it, you will be able to add new follow-ups to the tickets concerning you.

How to reserve hardware?

It is possible for you to hold hardware. For that click on the icon “Reservations” in top on the right of your screen.

So hardware is available to send, you will see the list of it. You can click on that which interests you. You will see the calendar of reservation then. It is enough for you then to click on an icon “To hold” and to specify the parameters of your reservation: start date, date completion, periodicity and comment.

How to modify your personalized parameters of connection to the application?

Your preferences are available on the right via the link “Settings” in top of your screen. You can in particular modify:

  • The language in which you wish to post the interface: select your language then click on “modifying”.
  • To modify your password (if your administrator you gave the right to it), it is enough for you to put your new password in the corresponding field.

How to disconnect yourself?

To disconnect you from application GLPI, it is enough for you to click on the icon “Logout” in top on the right of your screen.