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Install GLPI on a GNU/Linux Debian

We start from the hypothesis that you have a running Debian Woody on your computer.

Apache, PHP and MySQL installation

First, install the Apache Web server (

While GLPI is programmed in PHP, it is necessary to install the Apache module which allows to run PHP.

The using of apt-get tool will make it easier.

In root (now, all commandline input had to be entered in root) :

hector# apt-get install apache php4

Some questions will be asked to you, you can answer all of them by Yes.

Glpi is also running with a MySQL ( database, it's why we have to install mysql-server and his associated PHP librairies.

hector# apt-get install mysql-server php4-mysql

We have now enough software to run GLPI, but there is some steps to do.

First, we have to create a password for the root user of MySQL server (for evident security reasons).

hector# mysqladmin -u root  password 'password'

Now we are going to create the glpidb database which will be used by GLPI.

hector#mysql -u root -p
enter password : ******* 
mysql> create database glpidb;

We are also going to create glpiuser user (with his password) and to give him necessary rights :

mysql>grant all privileges on glpidb.* to glpiuser@localhost 
mysql>identified by 'glpiuser_password';

If you wan't to administrate easily your databse, you can install phpmyadmin. It's a PHP tool you can use with a browser. An apt-get phpmyadmin will do miracles (but his installation isn't the main objective of this documentation).

Download and install GLPI

You now have to download the last version of GPLI on the website, “Download” section.

Then you have to unzip the tarball in the /var/www directory Apache created for you :

hector#tar -xvzf glpi-X.X.X.tar.gz -C  /var/www/

If you take a turn into /var/www/ directory, you will see GLPI has created a GLPI folder.

Now you will have to give rights to some folders :

hector#cd /var/www/glpi
hector#chmod 777 backups/dump    glpi/config   docs

GLPI Configuration

Now, you will do all online, you have to “visit” your « http://your_server/glpi » directory with a browser.

At the first connection to this adress, an install process step-by-step will begin. The frontend is easy, you just have to enter informations asked. Once over, the system will ask you the identification you have types in and you will be able to use GPLI.

In case of a major error (ie: you have lost your access to GLPI…), to “rerun” this installation process, you just have delete the followinf file :

  • glpi/config/config_db.php

The next connection into « http://your_server/glpi » folder will run again the configuration process (in fact, it's because there is no « config_db.php » file).

For more informations about GLPI configuration : see Install GLPI