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 +====== Install GLPI on a web hosting server (like ======
 +First of all, I would like to inform you that GLPI installation on a web hosting server is not recommended. GLPI is a internal managing tool and may not be available by everyone.
 +Automated installation does not work. You will need to perform it by hands.
 +The different steps are described below.
 +  -  upload the files into your account on the remote server
 +  -  import the database (file mysql/glpi-0.XX-default.sql)
 +  -  modify, if necessary, the root_doc field of the glpi_config table. You can access GLPI through,root_doc=/path_for_glpi
 +  -  create the config_db.php by hands and upload it into the glpi/config directory. It should look like below (!!!take care that there is no empty line!!!)
 +class DB extends DBmysql {
 +  var $dbhost = "";
 +  var $dbuser = "my_account";
 +  var $dbpassword= "my_password";
 +  var $dbdefault = "my_account";
 +And it works ;)
 +Dumps of the databse could not works because of permisions on folder backup/dump.
 +If you encounter problems with the sessions, you certainly may have to create a sessions folder in the root folder of your account (on the remote server) and give write permission to this folder.