Install GLPI on a web hosting server (like

First of all, I would like to inform you that GLPI installation on a web hosting server is not recommended. GLPI is a internal managing tool and may not be available by everyone.

Automated installation does not work. You will need to perform it by hands.

The different steps are described below.

  1. upload the files into your account on the remote server
  2. import the database (file mysql/glpi-0.XX-default.sql)
  3. modify, if necessary, the root_doc field of the glpi_config table. You can access GLPI through,root_doc=/path_for_glpi
  4. create the config_db.php by hands and upload it into the glpi/config directory. It should look like below (!!!take care that there is no empty line!!!)
class DB extends DBmysql {
   var $dbhost = "";
   var $dbuser = "my_account"; 
   var $dbpassword= "my_password";
   var $dbdefault = "my_account";

And it works ;)

Dumps of the databse could not works because of permisions on folder backup/dump.

If you encounter problems with the sessions, you certainly may have to create a sessions folder in the root folder of your account (on the remote server) and give write permission to this folder.