Documentation issues

All GLPI documentation seems to be in French!

You are reading the part that's not. However, GLPI is rather centered around the French language and MoYo (one of the GLPI core developers) pointed out why in this Forum post:

We will support more english when some english people will contribute to the project.
90% of our users are french. 90% of our contributors are french (10% non french are translators).
Why is there not a proper / complete / comprehensive documentation of GLPI?

Because it's an open project and documentation is a time-consuming process that never ends. Everybody just lacks the time to write such a thing. However, this wiki is an effort to enable GLPI users to contribute to the documentation's goal of completeness.

Usability issues

I can't figure out how to define network connections and hierarchies

It is a bit complicated. The key form here is “Networks” where you can add network devices (i.e. switches), define their ports and declare which drops (Work Area Outlets) the ports are connected to.

After you have created your switches and your ports, you can define interconnections by setting “Connected to” values for each port:

  • choose a device type (e.g. “Computer”) first
  • enter an asterisk (“*”) or a search criteria for the name of the device you are going to search for in the unlabeled field right next to device type
  • choose the device you want to connect to from the dropdown
  • choose the interface of the device you want to connect to from the second dropdown
  • click “Connect”

You will see your connection accepted and values for MAC and IP address from the chosen interface taken over as a property of the switch port you created earlier.

Now you might check out the Archires plugin to see your devices and interconnections automatically graphed in a neat tree.

Please note that just assigning a “Network” from the generic dropdown you get for nearly every inventory item in the “Main” tab does nothing for you - it has a merely informational function as of the moment.

How do I enter warranty and/or financial information for an item?

Editing an arbitrary item you will notice that there is no “Financial information” tab where you might enter data about the item's warranty, date of purchase, ammortisation or value.

However, if you choose the “All” tab, you will find an “Activate financial information” link inbetween the “Direct Connections” and the “Associated Contracts” sections. Clicking this link will bring up the additional financial information section.

How do I modify the contents of all the dropdowns which appear empty at first?

Most of the dropdowns get their data out of appropriate data tables which can be edited through web forms by navigating to Administration / Setup / Dropdowns. There you just choose the dropdown table to edit and fill it with the values you deem useful.

Localisation issues

The term XYZ for my language is wrong, my users keep getting misguided

You can change all the strings in the user interface yourself. GLPI is written with a multilanguage interface in mind, so all localisation strings can be found in the locale/<language>.php files within your GLPI installation. Simply changing the strings to what you'd like to see there will do.

My entire localisation is messy

Some localisations had less love than others. If you feel that you can considerably improve your localisation, contact the Translations mailing list.

I want to remove all those exotic languages so they do not distract my users

You can do this easily by just changing the definition of the “languages” collection in the config/config.php file of your GLPI installation. Just seek for the definition of the $cfg_glpi[“languages”] configuration parameter and comment out the language definitions you feel to be superfluous for your setup.

I have created a new localisation file set. How do I integrate it into GLPI?

First, make sure to have your localisation/translation language file saved as locale/<language>.php. Then, edit the config/config.php file of your GLPI installation and locate the definition of the $cfg_glpi[“languages”] configuration parameter. Add your language as a collection entry similarly to the ones already contained there.

Configuration issues

How do I assign new tickets to an agent by default?

You will need to modify the file tracking.class.php of your GLPI installation. In line 338 replace the value “0” with the user name of the agent you want the tickets to be assigned by default.

if (!isset($input["assign"])) $input["assign"]=0;''
How do I configure GLPI to use my Active Directory user database?

Check out the LDAP authentication howto for detailed information and a step-by-step guide.

How do I make the GLPI user site make work with Windows integrated authentication?

Check out the Integrated Authentication Howto for details.

How do I import my OCSInventory inventory database into GLPI?

Check out the OCS-NG integration FAQ for details.