FAQ GLPI relating to the emails

Caution: the follow-up email for the interventions has nothing to do with the configuration of the “source of authentication external”.

Is it possible to use another email server to send the mail?

You can now in the configuration directly define the smtp server which you want to use. This is configured in Administration → Configuration → monitor by email.

Which is the encoding of GLPI?

GLPI is now completely in UTF-8. The emails sent are thus in UTF-8. If your mailer does not include/understand them, you will receive this type of email:

This message uses a character set which is not dealt with by the service Email. To visualize the contents of the original message, open the joined message. If the text is not posts correctly, record the enclosure on the disc, and open it with an application able to post the original character set.

At the time of a connection with a new user, a request for control is posted (fields filled = addresses email and description of the problem). However, the table “users” does not contain the address email entered previously, why?

The address email of sending in fact is stored with the request for control. And that for the following reasons:

  • to be able to use several addresses emails for the follow-ups for the same account what is useful in particular for the generic accounts;
  • to be able to make a request for someone else while specifying another address email but without modifying yours.

How is it made that the returns to the line are removed with Outlook 2002/3?

It is about a bug of Outlook which does not respect the RFC.


  • To go in “Tools - > Options - > Preferences email “
  • To strip the box “Remove extra linebreaks in plaintext messages”.
  • This is not true any more in GLPI 0.68 - 0.68.1 because it make it possible to send emails to format HTML and thus make it possible to circumvent this problem.

Is it possible to compose a message, to send it to helpdesk@compagnie.com for automatic integration in GLPI as a new intervention?

Not, but in the 0.60.

In version 0.7…, that is possible

Is it possible to send an email to the user warning it of the schedule of an intervention?

Not (version 0.6). Since the version 0.65 it is integrated.

How to modify the subject in the follow-up by email?

It is necessary to intervene on the method of the class MAILING which is called get_mail_subject:

  • Version 0.65: in the neighbourhoods of line 709 of glpi/glpi/common/classes.php
  • Version 0.68 - 0.68.1: in the neighbourhoods of line 246 of Inc/mailing.class.php
  • Version 0.7 RC2: in the neighbourhoods of line 389 of Inc/mailing.class.php
  • Version 0.73: in the neighbourhoods of line 489 of Inc/mailing.class.php

In is the received email, it does not have there an associated enclosure, normal?


Is it possible to modify the contents of the email sent automatically to the users at the time of the follow-up of an intervention?

Yes, it is enough to modify the function:

  • Version 0.65: function textDescription () of the file glpiglpitrackingclasse.php towards line 238 and to add or modify the lines of the type
$message.= $lang [“mailing”] [2]. $this->author. “N”;
  • Version 0.68 - 0.68.1: function textDescription () of the file tracking.class.php towards line 545 and to add or modify the lines of the type
$message.= $lang [“mailing”] [2]. $this->author. “N”;

Is it possible to specify 2 addresses email for only one account user (technician)?

Not, it is not possible for the moment. It is enough to create one alias or a mailing-list which points on the two emails, or, to create two accounts technicians.

To correct the problem of character recognition on lotus notes 5.11 (to manage the UTF8)

On Customer NOTES 5.11

In Mobile File → → Advanced Site →, it there a line which is called International Parameters MIME.

  • Click on Add parameters.
  • A window opens where of office, in general Tab, there is English: to remove and put UNICODE in bottom of the elevator.
  • Tab Parameter by character sets: click on “for the options of messages below”
  • Parameter MIME by group select UNICODE
  • in bottom
  • Advanced tab: To put UTF8

On DOMINO server

  • Go in Configuration tab
  • on the left click on transport
  • Then configuration click on your server then click on tab MIME.
  • And to take it again the config of in top.