How to create an article in the Wiki ?

1) Go to the page which will contain the link to the article that you wish to create, edit it and insert the link where you want it to appear in the page.

The link is constructed in the following way: [[en:NameofYourArticle | Name of your article as you wish it to appear]]

  • The double quotes indicate that it is a link
  • en for the language used (fr, en or es)
  • :NameofYourArticle is the name of your article in the wiki syntax (no space allowed and a short name)
  • | NameofyourArticleasyouWishittoAppear is the name of the article as it will appear in the link
  • The double quotes to close it all

Example : Edit the page tutoriauxdistrib and insert [[en:NewTutorial | A new tutorial]]

2) Validate

3) Then click on the link that you just created, and you will find yourself on a new page where you will be able to write your article.

4) For more informations on the wiki syntax: see the syntax