FAQ − Configuration

What to do when the browser indicates to me that the page cannot be viewed, or that it displays a window asking me to download the file ocs.import.php at the time of the importation of a mass importation of machines since OCS?

It is necessary to modify the file of configuration of PHP. Indeed, the requests on a great number of machines (a few tens of thousands or more) can be very long, according to your machine; those can pass in timeout. In the file php.ini modify the following values:

  • max_execution_time: pass the value to -1. This value indicates maximum time that a script can put to be carried out.
  • max_input_time: increase the value (by defect 60, test 120 or more). This value indicates the maximum time which a script can spend with parser data.
  • memory_limit: by defect 16Mo (that must suffir), try to put a higher value (32 for example). That represents the maximum size of memory that a thread can consume.

Can GLPI function with a mask PHP?

Yes, GLPI functions perfectly with mask APC

What to do when the synchronization or the importation of users in GLPI via OpenLDAP or Activates Directory is done only by section of 500 or 1000 entries?

It is about a problem independent of GLPI. To cure this problem, it is advisable to modify the parameters of configuration of your LDAP server (this would be only temporarily to make a success of your initial importation).

Case of an Open Directory LDAP

The directive “size limit” of a OpenLDAP Server can be changed in the file of configuration. This last is generally in /etc/slapd.conf. For more information to consult the documentation of the file slapd.conf.

Case of a Directory Activates Directory

By defect, the configuration of directory AD authorizes 1000 entries per request. This limitation is called “MaxPageSize”. It is possible to change this directive.

The tool ntdsutil.exe

  1. Log on to Active Directory as an Administrator, then
  2. Click start,run
  3. Type ntsdutil, then press Enter

C: > ntdsutil

ntdsutil: ldap policies

ldap policy: connections

server connections: connect to server [Servername]

Connected to [Servername] using credentials off locally logged one to use

server connections: Q

ldap policy: show been worth

Policy Current (New)

MaxPoolThreads 4

MaxDatagramRecv 1024

MaxReceiveBuffer 10485760

InitRecvTimeout 120

MaxConnections 5000

MaxConnIdleTime 900

MaxActiveQueries 20

MaxPageSize 1000

MaxQueryDuration 120

MaxTempTableSize 10000

MaxResultSetSize 262144

MaxNotificationPerConn 5

ldap policy: set maxpagesize to 4000 (for example)

ldap policy: made exchanges

ldap policy: Q

ntdsutil: Q

Disconnecting from [Servername]

Details and other solutions

What to make when the opening hour of a ticket does not correspond to local time?

If you lodge glpi at a host server X, and that the server is located at the other end of the world (in our case it was New York), the hour posted in the helpdesk page on the level of the field dates, was per hour of the server (either at the New York time). And of the event does not correspond to local time…

The found solution is the following one:

In the file glpi/inc/includes.php, add in first line the following line: putenv (“TZ=Europe/Paris”);

after Internet search, and if I included well /understood, putenv () allows to add or modify a variable of environment. In our case, I think that one “forces” the time zone at the wanted local zone, here Europe/bets.

List time zones