Integration with OCS-NG

GLPI natively interfaces with the Inventory Tool ocsinventory NG. It can:

  • Automate the collection of equipment detail (computers, printers, monitors, etc.)
  • Keep track of imported items

This documentment will configure GLPI-mode as a single-entity (default GLPI). This configuration should should suffice for most needs. Further information on the management of the import from OCS in multiple entities is available at the end.

General principles of import OCS

The process of import and synchronization of data is called OCS import, and uses the module called GLPI Mode OCSNG. This works via a direct connection from the GLPI database to the OCS database. During these operations, a number of actions are performed by GLPI. The 2 most important are:

  • Verification of data to be imported (to remove duplicates)
  • Import data with update history