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GLPI Version Migration Guide

The complete guide to update GLPI is available on the GLPI site.


  • PHP parameters: You must check that you have allocated enough memory and execution time in PHP.
  • PHP and MySQL: Make sure your server is running supported versions
  • PHP Extensions: remember to check (if you migrate to a new machine) that you have installed all of the needed php extensions:
    • php-ldap: to connect to the directory
    • php-imap: gateway to the mail

GLPI requires MySQL >4.1.2

For GLPI versions 0.72 and higher, PHP4 is no longer supported. Please note, moreover, that some plugins compatible with GLPI 0.71 do not already support this version of PHP.

Before the migration, you must remove the plugins directory from GLPI. You must not try to update the plugins after after the new version of GLPI is functional.

Potential error messages

If, during the migration, you encounter a blank page, do not worry:

  • Switch to debug mode
  • Check the rights on the files:
    • config files: read/write for the web server (apache) user
    • files / belongs to the web server (apache) user

If the situation persists, you can ask for help on the forum. Before posting, please read the guidelines for forum use.