How to set up a autorefresh on the list of the tickets?

It is completely possible. ([See topic forum →

To do simple here what you can add in file Inc/display.function.php in the function commonHeader (right before End off Head): <code> echo “<script type= “ text/Javascript ” >n”; echo “VAr URL = document.location.toString (); N”; echo “VAr I = url.lastIndexOf (”/“); N”; echo “VAr page = url.substr (i+1); N”; echo “yew (== page “tracking.php” || page.substring (0, page.lastIndexOf (”? “)) == “tracking.php” || == page “central.php”) {setInterval (“window.location.reload ()”, 60000);}N “; echo “N”; echo “</SCRIPT>n”; </code> That refreshed the page of the follow-ups (normal or when a research is launched) as well as the banner page