Why this Wiki ?

This wiki allows anyone who wants to contribute to GLPI but who does not necessarily possess the developping skills, to still be able to do it in a simple and constructive way.

This wiki has for goal to collect all your documentation proposals (user, setup, …), your experience (questions, answers), etc… about GLPI.

At the end and if we all contribute (a little bit), we can hope to have a full fledge documentation as well as a FAQ. This would facilitate the use and setting up of GLPI to new users.

Do not forget that more a project is used, more the community of developers has a chance to grow. The survival and growth of GLPI depends on that community…

You all probably have somewhere in your computer, on a piece of paper or in a corner of your memory, a note, an information, a complete documentation (we can always dream) on GLPI.. Then, don't hesitate, put it all up on the wiki. Anyone can correct, amend, improve, comment.

How to participate ?

Note To connect to the wiki you have to use your login and password from the forum (please feel free to register on the forum if necessary).
Some interesting instructions